Monday, December 13, 2010

Bird Silhouettes

We recently turned one of the rooms in our house into a playroom (for Sofia) / computer area (for mommy & daddy)

While trying to figure out what to fill the walls with, the husband stumbled on this great idea from the Apartment Therapy site.

It was SO easy and fun!

Here's the Apartment Therapy post (by the way, they used old vintage wallpaper for their birds)

Here's our version:

Step 1 - we found silhouettes of birds that we liked (hummingbird, owl, sparrow) through google images, dragged them over to Photoshop, sized them to our liking (husband did that part) and printed them out on plain white paper.

Step 2 - I used some pretty scrapbook paper that I had laying around in my craft closet, taped the printed silhouette of the bird on top and cut along the lines

Step 3 - using some tacky glue diluted with a little bit of water, we laid the bird cutout face down on some paper, and using a foam brush we brushed the glue/water solution all over the bird (making sure to get all the way to the edges).

Step 4 - Found a spot we wanted to place it, rubbed the heck out of it so that it wouldn't get any air bubbles or peel up on the sides.

Voila! Instant wall decor!

The husband even insisted on putting up a rat silhouette... I'll admit, it's cute!

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