Friday, January 21, 2011

Mason Jar Lemonade

Josh came up with this brilliant idea last weekend while picking lemons with Sofia in the backyard on a HOT JANUARY AFTERNOON (eighty degrees to be exact)

This is so much fun for kids especially if you make it an outdoors activity!
Sofia had so much fun helping daddy pick the lemons, watching him cut the lemons, helping to juice the lemons, adding the sugar and berries...and of course the "shaking" part!

Add to a mason jar (he used a 24 oz mason jar and used the lines on the jar as a measuring cup)....

100 ml of good quality sugar
600 ml of water
100 ml of fresh squeezed lemon juice
couple of ice cubes

small handful of your favorite berry (we used some frozen raspberries since nothing is in season right now)

place lid on jar

shake shake shake shake shake shake

(let your kids help with this part - on the grass and with hands ready to catch it if it falls!)

remove lid

pour over ice, sit out on the patio, sip your lemonade, close your eyes and pretend it's the middle of summer...

p.s. - when the kids go to bed, make another batch and add some good vodka!

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  1. Love all these photos, plus I'm really digging your 365 project.